We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya in which the episode reveals the reality of the accident that was done by Abhi. But everyone thinks that six people died because of Abhi. In the latest episode, we will get to see many more things and the evidence that can release Abhi from jail.

kumkum bhagay 27th October 2021

So, the latest episode starts when Gaurav says to Aliya and Tanu that he wants to earn lots of money that can’t even imagine and it could be given by just Pragya’s business. Gaurav reveals that he has proof due to which, it can prove that Abhi is innocent and he can help him to release from jail.

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Tanu says that he is dreaming in noon because he doesn’t know Pragya’s reality. He thinks that he can snatch her business by providing her proof. She will snatch the proof from him and will not give a single thing. She can turn in Durga Maa who can save her husband’s life.

On the other side, Abhi’s lawyer says that the bail of Abhishek Mehra has been rejected because the opposite lawyer’s said that if he will get bail, he can run away from India because her wife is rich, he can threaten the victim’s family and can give money to their family as well.

Pragya says that she can’t do anything like this and she can give a guarantee to the judge. Later, Abhi thinks that how Pragya treats him and she believes that he can’t do anything. Suddenly, Pragya comes to Abhi and tells Abhi that Gaurav called her and said that she can take his helo for Abhi. Gaurav says that he was just saying this, by the way, the bail is about to take place. Pragya says that bail has been rejected.

Pragya and Abhi talk to each other and Pragya say that she is not feeling good by seeing him inside a jail. Abhi says that if anyone will ask me who is she? He will not take her name but will say that she is someone who cares for him. She cries and says that she is leaving. Abhi asks her not to cry.

Later, Pragya goes to Gaurav’s house, and in his overconfidence, he reveals the truth in front of Pragya but he is unaware that Pragya is recording everything as he is saying the truth in front of the camera. He asks her to name her all business to his name. Suddenly, Pragya says that he will have to tolerate this soon. Suddenly, Gaurav pulls out his gun and fired in the air. Pragya stops and Gaurav says that he knew that she came here to do something like this therefore, he came with the gun.

He takes her phone and deletes the recorded video. Pragya says that she came here to know the truth and she will bring it back soon. She will prove this reality in front of everyone. She leaves from there. She goes to the contractor’s house and says that he will have to reveal the reality. But, the contractor says that he will not say anything to anyone. The Episode Ends.


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