We see that Abhi comes in senses and then Pragya holds his hands. She becomes emotional and then sees Aliya in the hospital, Aliya was so tensed and rushes to the room of Abhi. Aliya asks where is Abhi. Pragya and Aliya do not see each other. Aliya asks where is the accident case. Doctor tells him and then Dadi says because of Rhea, dad is in the hospital. Aliya asks what happened. Rhea starts crying and says I have done wrong and I will not do anything now. Aliya asks who said these things, Aliya says I have not let Rhea cry anytime. She asks taiji to stay away.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2019 episode we see that taiji is so tensed and thinks that big sister of Rhea is not here. Prachi was in the hospital and nurse gives her juice. She gives her blood and that blood was used for Abhi. Aliya asks where is the victim of the accident case. Then she tells her. Nurse says that he needs blood. Nurse tells that patient has been shifted to ICU. Prachi was there and asks what is happening. Rhea and ALiya rush to the ward and asks what is happening. Prachi sees a family coming and goes there to return their dupatta.

Prachi asks where is Pragya and then she goes. She gets to know that Pragya is in hospital and she goes there. Pragya says I am unlucky for Abhi as whenever she meets Abhi then Abhi meets with an accident and then she starts crying. For more updates of Kumkum Bhagya episode stay tuned with us.


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