The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with some new excitement among Dida, Shayna, and Prachi. Today’s episode begins with Dida and Shayna and both are hugging each other. Prachi asks the reason behind their happiness and Dida says that Shayna didn’t have attires to wear so, she bought dresses for both of them.

kumkuk bhagya

Prachi and Shayna get happy and thanks to Dida. On the other side, Vikram is also getting ready in the room and Pallavi asks Vikram what happened with him and why is he behaving like this?

Vikram says that can we celebrate the Lohri festival even today? Pallavi says that what is the problem? Pallavi doesn’t want to tell him that he gave blessings to Prachi. Pallavi asks him why did he give blessings to Prachi? Vikram says that he knew it about this. She will create an issue over this.

Vikram says that does she have any other topic instead of Prachi and Rhea. Pallavi continuously asks why did he give blessings to her. Vikram says that Yes, he did. Pallavi says that he did this and Rhea felt guilty. Vikram says that he just gave blessings and if minors’s hand reaches to the feet so, the elders can give them blessings.

Pallavi says that he should not have given blessings to her. Vikram says that he was not on track and now, he will do whatever he want. Pallavi says that is what he wants. Vikram says she is a daughter-in-law of this house and wife of him. Pallavi says that she can’t see any misbehavior against Rhea and she was standing with her and always stay with her.

Vikram reveals that the injustice doesn’t happen with Rhea, it all happened with Prachi. Pallavi gets shocked. Vikram says that Rhea mixed drugs in her drink and she was involved in this matter.

Pallavi is about to say something but Vikram shouts at her and says that he did not finish yet. Dida hears everything from outside, Pallavi can’t say anything in front of him.

Vikram and Pallavi see Dida. Pallavi goes from there. Vikram says that she should know about the matter of the house. Dida gets happy after Vikram’s words. Vikram says that Prachi was not bad but we misunderstood. On the other side, Prachi comes to get ready and talks to Shayna.

Shayna asks her to get ready but she is taking much time. Shayna asks that did he not like the dress. Prachi says that No, the dress is too good but Ranbir doesn’t like the color. She gets stunned.

Prachi asks Shayna to go out of the room as she is getting ready. Shayna says that she knows everything. Shayna says that she will make this festival more joyful. On the other side, Aliya comes to Rhea and says that she is like her shadow.

Rhea says that he gets happy after taking revenge on Prachi. Rhea says that she has snatched everything from her. They are elders but even, nothing was changed. Rhea shows her anger against Prachi and just wants to take revenge. Pallavi hears everything about Rhea. Pallavi remembers Vikram words and Pallavi thinks about her mistakes. She goes from there and meets Rhea.

Shayna comes in the function and meets Dida. On the other side, Ranbir comes in black attires. He wishes Dida and Shayna. Suddenly, Jay comes and Ranbir goes to meet him. Jay says that Shayna is looking beautiful in Lohri’s attire. Ranbir asks that she is looking good and Jay looks at Shayna. Rhea hears Dida and Shayna conversations. The Episode Ends.


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