“Kumkum Bhagya” is the show, today episode starts with Abhi reached the hospital. The lady says she called him. The doctor says it’s a normal accident in which there is not a serious matter. Alia reaches the hospital and direct goes into the room. One nurse comes to fill the form of the Abhi, the lady doesn’t know any details about the Riya. The lady says sorry to Abhi because the lady hit the Abhi car and that is why Abhi gets injured. Then she asked that she can leave because she has to be there for her son and take him from the daycare.

kumkum bhagya latest episode

Then the inspector asks did you give any explanation regarding her daughter on which behalf they can leave her daughter. Pragya said that her daughter only helping Ranbir and his family, she wants and tries to save them. Maya family forcing to get married, they get worried to marry with the Maya. Dushyant start clapping that his mother is a player who changes an innocent person as a criminal and now an innocent person is a culprit just because of his mother. Pragya asks the question to Dudhyant that who will decide who is honest and who is the culprit.

Sarita starts blaming that his family comes to her home at night and try to stop her family. Dushyant said to the inspector that is an MNA, he is not any culprit. And if is possible so Pragya and Sarita family why do not inform the police. Pallavi tells that Maya’s mother says that if anyone tries to stop this marriage and wants to interrupt in this marriage so she will really kill that person. Dushyant calls the Pallavi as a story taller. Maya tells the inspector that in her hand there is a mark of the rope.

The inspector tells that this type of mark only when to generate when someone ties a person with the rope. Prachi does not love Ranbir she only loves his money. Maya says correctly that she was kidnapped and hide her somewhere. Chandan feels so good because Prachi is being blamed, but Alia and Madan do not get any culprit. Chandan does not as that Prachi gets blamed in this case. Pragya saves her that Prachi does not go anywhere. The inspector says surely that Pragya also goes with us. Dushyant said to the inspector that until the Maya and Ranbir did not get married till anyone doesn’t have the right to interrupt in this marriage. For more updating written episodes follow our website and stay safe!



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