The latest written update is here on the popular Indian serial Kumkum Bhagya. So, today’s episode starts when Ranbir and Prachi got worried about Sid. Ranbir tells her that we came here to know about him. Prachi replies that if any gang did it. But Ranbir replies that no it didn’t happen so, let us search them. Suddenly, the juice fell down on the clothes of Bride. She says sorry to him. But, the groom comes there and asks her to not to say sorry. She asks that from which side they attended here. But, she says that whoever comes, we are guests. But, the groom says that your sister will complain to us that who picked the shoes of the groom.

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 22 July 2021 Written Update

Later, the groom goes to the room to change and the bride asks her from which side they are from. Ranbir comes and diverts the situation and when they go outside, they see Jenny and Jack together. Rhea’s hand touched with the hand of Prachi when she was passing from her and suddenly.

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Prachi and Rhea realize something. Rhea stops at the moment and turn but couldn’t see Prachi there. On the other side, Sid sees Jenny and Jack and comes to Rhea. While Prachi and Ranbir start finding Sid. Rhea says that what should we do? We should go from here or let’s hide.

The mother of the groom’s bride comes to Rhea and asks that is she a friend of the bride? and asks her to find her. Rhea replies that she is finding her and ask Sid that they will have to hide. They go inside the room and lock the door from inside. They found the bride and groom inside the room and the groom said that I was doubtful about you.

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He asks them that why did they come here? They says that we did not come here to bother you and we belong to a very good family but the situation has become worse between us. On the other side, bride and groom holding each other hands.

Later, we see that Rhea and Sid are dressed up in the bride and groom’s dress and told the story of their moments that how did they meet in the pub and why is police searching them. On the other side, they also said that Jenny is also searching for the drug which was put in the pocket Sid but I flushed it. They are running from police, and peddlers to hide here.

At the moment, many things happen because they wear the clothes of the bride and groom and plans to run away but suddenly, the police come here to search for them and ask everyone about them. Also, Rhea and Sid wear the clothes of the bride and groom but the police stop them and investigate them.

Sid says that we have to marry and if not, we will be arrested by police and at the same moment, Pandit Ji asks them to sit near mandap because the Muhurat is going to end. They sit in the mandap and a playing boy switches on the fan and suddenly, Rhea’s ghunghat is about to move but she hides her face and the lady asks someone to switch off the fans.

They follow the rituals and sit near the mandap. Inspector looks at Jenny and Jack. Rhea thinks that she doesn’t want to marry like this. While the inspector arrests Jack and Jenny and moves from there silently.

Later, Pandit Ji asks them to fil Rhea’s hairline with Sindoor and Photographer asks them to move their ghunghat. He fills Rhea’s hairline with sindoor and suddenly, the real bride and groom come there and the lady says that who they are because the real bride and groom are here. Suddenly, a boy switch on the fan and a ghunghat move from Rhea’s face and at the moment, Prachi sees her face and Ranbir look at Sid in mandap. Now, what will happen next, it will be seen in the upcoming episode.


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