One of the popular ZeeTV serials, Kumkum Bhagya is all set to premiere the next episode of the day where lots of entertainment and twists are ready to show some interesting episodes. As we have seen in the last episode where Aliya and Tanu had shaken their hand for the next step to destroy’s Pragya life and they will use Abhi against Pragya.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2021 Episode

Now, Tanu has planned to snatch more money from Pragya and Aliya wants her brother back from Pragya. Along with this, we also saw that Tanu and Aliya started to play another game against Pragya. Tanu made the wrong allegation over Pragya and also, we saw Abhi went to Pragya to save him.


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Tanu asked them that why did they hide the incident from the police? Tanu alleged over her that she tried to kill him and planning more than last 2 years. Later, Abhi was unconscious and said I Love You to her. Later, Tanu asked that she wants her husband back and Pragya said that how much money she wants? Not only this but Tanu asked them that they will live in the same house.

On the other side, Ranbir came to Sid’s cabin and acted that it is paining in his kidney. He made fun of Sid and asked him to tell the reason behind his upset mood. Sid hugged him and Ranbir asked that what happened to him? Suddenly, Rhea hears his voice and came to them to stop. Well, Tanu has decided to snatch Pragya’s all property and told everyone that they are going to shift the house.

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Now, the upcoming episode of the show is going to be more interesting where Rhea plans to do something more evil against Sid because she wants to get back Ranbir from Prachi and leave her husband. When Sid comes to her and talked to her then, she starts her plan and says that she was calling him since morning but couldn’t talk. Later, when she finds out that he has come so, I was happy to see you but she hats him.

On the other side, Pragya talks to Sushma and says that she has given everything to Tanu and Aliya and now, we will take all the revenge from them and that’s the right time to do all the things. While Ranbir comes to Rhea, she said that it is the world’s most strange marriage where we both are strangers and didn’t even know about each other who we are, and what we like! We are still strangers. Now, the upcoming episode is coming with lots of twists and turns where Rhea will play an evil plan against Prachi, and on the other side, Tanu and Aliya come in front of Pragya.


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