Rhea plans to make Prachi expelled from the college. Prachi cries. All the students taunt them. They say what happened and why she is suspended. Shahana comes there and asks what happened. Then Prachi cries and leaves. Shahana asks everybody to calm down as they do not know anything and still they are judging and believing the wrong things. Meera talks to Abhi. Prachi comes home and Pragya asks what happened. She starts crying into the room.

In Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2019 episode we will see that Prachi will remember something and her mother asks her to open the door. She was there and Shahana comes. She tells that Prachi is so sad and she has got expelled from the university. Prachi was about to eat the medicines and she said I will die. Pragya sees her from the window and gets so shocked. She pushes the door. Then she stops her from taking the medicines. Pragya asks her what happened and why she was doing this. Pragya says this life is not yours alone as we both are here. Prachi tells her everything and then Pragya leaves. Abhi gets to know that Principal has dismissed Prachi. Abhi also goes to college.

Abhi reaches there also but does not sees Pragya. Rhea and her friends were talking to her and tell how they all insulted Prachi. Rhea tells that she was so angry when she saw Prachi and Ranjeet together. Her friends tell her maybe she likes her and that’s why she is getting jealous. Pragya reaches Mehra’s home and then she yells where is Mr. Mehra. He was not there and Meera attends her. She asks her to calm down. Then she tells her everything.


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