In this blog, we are going to update the serial “Kumkum Bhagya”. Today episode begins with, Abhi goes with Ranbir in his own car and asks him that he sure he is Sanju? Ranbir said that he is confirmed and said the Sanju is the mastermind person who is showing his car. Police call the Abhi, Sanju thinks that no one can catch him. He is so clever and mastermind person. Riya reaches to Sanju and then open the room lock under the utensil. Ranbir comes behind Sanju’s car and Says to Abhi it’s his own decision and then he receives the bail papers.

kum kum bhagya

Sanju thinks to take money to Riya that when they try to go overtake him. Abhi says to Ranbir that enter the home with the help of the house window. Riya notices to Ranbir and Ranbir follow the Sanju. Abhi compares with the Sanju and place the bottle on his own leg. And he is thinking that Aliya sends her brother behind me to catch me then she tells her plan that she record the call of Riya. Ranbir gets angry in Sanju because he takes the Prachi in the house for staying.

Riya calls on mobile after the one ring she cut the call but Ranbir har the ring of mobile phone and to search the man he thinks that someone is including in this all planning. Riya said that all the family is thought to book me but I will call the Aliya and then record our conversation. Aliya says to Sanju that goes underground and does not come outside for some days otherwise he will catch. Sanju says that he does not believe in that and send me to catch your brother. But if I will be caught than I will tell the everything to your brother that behind this all planing that your mastermind.

Aliya said to him to run away from here and if he opens his mouth then she will kill you now your life is in danger. And then the phone was switched off. Sanju tries to run from Monty bag but Ranbir and Abhi stop him and then start to beat him and ask him to tell the truth and ask that why he has done this thing with Prachi and now accept your mistake. Sanju says that he is stealing the money according to her suggestions. Then the police come there. Fo more updating written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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