The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya will bring lots of twists for all the watchers where Prachi and Rhea have come into the competition and Pallavi is going to decide who is the best bahu of the house and on the other side, Abhi has signed a contract of six months to stay with Pragya.

Kumkum Bhagya, 1st September 2021 Epis

Now, the show is going more interesting and we can expect something more from the show in the upcoming days. Now, the episode starts when Rhea starts to play a new trick for Prachi as she wants to separate Ranbir and Prachi from each other. On the other side, Pragya and Abhi come to the same house and signed a contract.

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Abhi says that he will do whatever he wants and this marriage will go with him. He asked Pragya to think one more time before taking this decision. Pragya asked him to leave his hand as she has to sign. The contract marriage has been started between each other and along with this, all the responsibilities of Janmashtami pooja have been given to the Prachi because of Dida.

Pallavi says to Prachi that this pooja should be done properly and don’t make a small mistake and Prachi comes with confidence but Rhea gets more jealous and wants to show Prachi’s down in front of all.

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Now, the big move is still underway by Rhea as she has planned everything to defame Prachi. When Prachi will be ready with everything in the temple and ready for Krishna Puja. Rhea lights up the lamp of the pooja plate without knowing anyone and dupatta contacts with the fire. When Prachi comes to the temple and sees this, she gets a big shock. Prachi shouts and Pallavi and Dida come there and gone completely shocked.

They say that on the day of Janmashtami, you did not do omen. Prachi says that she did not even light up the lamp but Pallavi doesn’t listen to her and Pallavi asks him to extinguish the fire and she goes to take water to extinguish the fire. Later, Pallavi asks Rhea to perform Janmashtami pooja instead of Prachi and again, Rhea achieves her victory.

Again and again, Rhea is creating a plan against Prachi and because of her, Prachi gets to see her image down in front of Pallavi. Now, we will get to see in the next episodes that Pallavi will plan a competition between Prachi and Rhea where they both will have to perform a dance by taking a get up of Krishna’s Radha and have to impress everyone.

Now, another competition is going to start in the house and there is something special because the competition is going to be too hard and Rhea will again create wrong things for her. She will throw broken pieces of glass on the floor so, Prachi gets hurt and couldn’t dance. Now, let’s wait for the next episode and tell us in the comment section that who will win?


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