The episode starts with Abhi and Dadi. Abhi says that Tanu has stolen Pragya’s purse. Tanu denies and says that she has purchased this purse from a shop. Abhi talks to Submit regarding the purse that Tanu bought. Pragya overhears the conversation and then enters the house. She sees a picture of Dadi and Abhi. Dadi looks at Pragya and Mithali calls Abhi. Aaliya says that he escaped from the window. The police inspector tells Pragya that Tanu has stolen her purse. Tanu gets shocked seeing Pragya alive. Pragya sees Aaliya and Tanu which makes her recalling their words. The inspector calls the lady constable to arrest Tanu. Inspector says that you have stolen Pragya Arora’s purse and you have to come to a police station.

kumkum bhagay 2021

Tai ji asks Tanu to return Pragya’s purse but Tanu refused saying that she bought this purse. Inspector says that we have watches CCTV footage that shows that you are stealing Pragya’s purse. Tanu says that she kept her purse there. Pragya says that you have stolen my purse as you want to steal the papers of Mehta Manson. Pallavi brings medicines of Beeji. Sushma says that Abhi saved me from hitting a car and thanks to him for saving her life. Dadi is happy to see Pragya and gets emotional.

Lady inspector snatches the purse from Tanu and gives it to Pragya. Tanu says that Pragya was a teacher and she cannot afford such an expensive purse. Pragya says that she is alive and also earned a lot in her life that she always wanted. She accused Tanu of stealing someone’s purse and husband. Dadi prayed to God to keep Pragya happy and blessed. Pragya warns Tanu not to hand her family and leave. Abhi is drinking with Prashant and asks him to go home.

Prashant sees a scarf in his hands which flies and fall on Pragya. Abhi asks a woman if she has seen any scarf. Pragya is confused to see her scarf after a long time. She gets a call from Sushma and leaves the scarf. Abhi gets the scarf and feels happy. Pragya is looking for the scarf but couldn’t find it. A man comes and says that the one whom the scarf belongs to has taken it and leave. Pragya is still thinking about the scarf. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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