In the latest written update of Kumkum Bhagya has been revealed where lots of things will come out just because of Pragya and Abhi. Abhi has been injured and hospitalized. While Himanshu told Aliya about his condition and they rushed towards the hospital. On the other side, Rhea gets Ranbir’s good daughter card and he came to Prachi. Rhea shouted at Prachi and said that they can’t live happily with each other. Later, Rhea said that because of her mistake, many lives will destroy. Aliya reached the hospital but can’t meet Tanu because he has been discharged from the hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2021 Episode


On the other side, Rhea reached to Aliya and asked what is going on with Abhi because she is living with Pragya. She said to Aliya that she is living under the same roof as Ranbir but they can’t live with each other and she felt jealous because she saw Ranbir and Prachi together. Aliya said that she will do everything right and can’t live Abhi with Pragya. While, Aliya revealed in front of everyone that Abhi was in the hospital and Tanu heard everything. Now, what will happen next in their lives?

The upcoming episode of the serial will start from when Aliya and Tanu saw Abhi’s condition and team up against Pragya once again. They both shake hand and tell that this time, they will not let Pragya live peacefully and they will destroy everything as their plan was successful because they are bringing hatred for Abhi. They say that before 2 years, they lied that Abhi was also in their plan to kill her by a car accident.

On the other side, Sidharth gets to know that his relationship with Rhea is not working as she is not feeling for him since she entered the house. Sidharth questions to Rhea about their relationship. He asks her that what’s her problem because she talked to Ranbir in a good way but ignored him. Rhea thinks that she has been trapped and tries to defend herself and says that she did not see him and doesn’t have the wrong purpose and even, tried to convince him. But the reality we know that she married Sid but she loves Ranbir and wants to snatch Ranbir from Prachi. Rhea wants to take revenge on Prachi and come close to Ranbir.

Now, the serial is going to be more interesting because Aliya and Tanu have shaken hands together to destroy Pragya again and on the other side, Rhea is also planning big to comes close to Ranbir. So, let’s wait for the next episode tonight.


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