The popular Indian drama series, Kumkum Bhagya has been running for the last few years and fans are going excited for the next more episode of the series. Currently, the serial is on its high because of the amazing cast and concept of the serial. Prachi is a daughter of Abhi and Pragya living in her law’s house with her sister Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya, 15th September 2021

Along with this, Rhea has been making evil plans against Prachi to let her out of this house and she can leave peacefully with her love, Ranbir who is a current Prachi’s husband. On the other side, Pragya and Abhi are living under the same roof because of their six-month marriage contract.

Now, the latest episode was amazing with lots of drama where Abhi was badly injured after falling from the stairs. Now, Abhi’s health is critical and Prachi got to know that her father has been hospitalized. She rushed towards the hospital without Ranbir and knew the condition of Abhi. Pragya told her that he tried to kill her and made planning with Aliya and Tanu. Pragya told her whole story and they spent a little time with each other. Pragya said she lost and can’t do anything.

Now, the latest episode is all set to come with the latest update because Prachi gets shocked after hearing this and Pragya says to her that she came back to India just to take revenge on Abhi and Mehra’s family. On the other side, Ranbir will be seen thanking her mother-in-law, Pragya for trusting over him and was seen promising to Pragya that he will keep her daughter always happy. Well, Pragya gets to know that Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage is not going on well with Abhi because he was against this always.

It is still unclear that why was Abhi against their marriage? Now, Prachi will reveal the real truth behind the 2-years incident. She will reveal everything in front of Pragya and also, who was behind this incident? Prachi will go to Tanu and Aliya’s house with Ranbir and goes angry over them and asks why did you try to kill my mother before 2 years?

Later, Dadi gets to know that Abhi tried to kill Pragya and she says that he can’t do this because he loves her a lot but the situation will take a new turn in Aliya and Tanu’s life. When Aliya and Tanu will be kept calm and later, When Abhi will be fine, Prachi will go to her and says that why did you do that? You tried to kill my mother and I can’t believe it.

Later, Abhi will reveal that he can’t do anything even he can’t see a scratch over Pragya. Prachi gets to know that it was all a plan of Aliya and Tanu. She will reveal all the truth in front of Pragya. Now, let’s see what will happen in the latest episode?


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