We are back with the most amazing and twisting ongoing serial, Kumkum Bhagya where many things are happening in the serial. We have seen lots of twists and turns in the last few episodes where because of Rhea, Ranbir and Prachi have separated from each other and after this, no one believed over Prachi as she is innocent and there is nothing between Sidharth and Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2021

Along with this, we have also seen when Prachi goes outside her room, she saw Ranbir coming in the room and she saw a dream that Ranbir and she is hugging each other and suddenly, comes into reality. Prachi says to him that this is a dream or if this one is a dream so, I want to wake up and Ranbir says we loved in a dream but I was cheated in reality.

Prachi got surprised and decided to leave the house. She left Kohli’s house. Now, the upcoming episode will show something new and fantastic where lots of things will shock the fans. Yes, the upcoming episode will come with lots of amazing twists and turn where fans are getting excited to watch this episode.

Well, the promo videos show that how Pallavi and Vikram will held Sharad of Sidharth and when he comes to his house, he asks about this and Pallavi says to him that he has died for everyone.

Sidharth gets shocked and tries to make understand everyone that nothing happened there and they are innocent. Pallavi asks him to leave the house as soon as possible and he goes from the house. Now, the serial is coming with a leap of a month where most of the things of the serial will be changed.

Yes, the promo videos of the serial show that how Ranbir will bring a change in him and become a popular businessman who just wants to become a rich person and doesn’t have a place for love or anything. He just want to become a successful person.

On the other side, Prachi is handling the business of Pragya alongside Sushma Aunty. As Pragya and Abhi is in a coma and because of this Prachi is handling her business and becoming a rich woman of the state. Now, Ranbir and Prachi has created their own ways but the reality will definitely come in front of Ranbir when Sidharth will be back with some proof of him and Prachi.

With this, Ranbir will get to know that he was wrong and everything was happened because of Rhea and realize that he should apologize to Prachi but as we have told before that Prachi has changed and she said to him that when he will realize for his mistake, she will not forgive him. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of the serial.


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