The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya is coming with the twisting episode of the day where lots of entertainment is ready to be held in an upcoming episode. In the last episode, we have seen that Pragya and Abhi can be seen in a happy moment and they spent some more time with each other.

Kumkum Bhagya, 14th September 2021

Abhi said thank you to Tanu because she sent alcohol to Abhi. Along with this, Tanu danced to a song alone happily. Also, Sid thought about Rhea because she made a wall with a pillow between her and Sid. Dida came and asked him about his condition. She asked him to tell the reason behind his upsetting.

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When Abhi came close to Pragya, she pushes him and he fell down. Abhi also said to her that he will also push her and he ran behind her. They both had fun in their house and plays with each other. Then, Abhi fell down from stairs and Pragya shouted his name and came close to him.

Suddenly, Prachi woke up from her sleep and said that something happened wrong. Abhi did not wake up and he was bleeding. Suddenly, Sushma aunty came inside and she saw Pragya and Abhi in this situation and called the doctor for help.

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Now, the latest episode will reveal many things in front of Prachi because when Pragya will reach to the hospital after Abhi’s condition went worse. Prachi also comes to the hospital to meet Abhi and wants to know his condition. Before telecasting the latest episode, the makers always release the promo video of the latest episode that shows the upcoming event in the episode.

So, today’s episode shows that Abhi has been hospitalized and Prachi comes to meet him but Pragya stops her and talk to her about her past. She says that there were too many misunderstandings between me and Abhi.

Pragya adds that we always fought with each other but later, the situation comes normally. Pragya tells him that when she helps Ranbir and Prachi for getting married soon, she knew very well that Abhi will never agree with her and she will shout and scold her but he tried to kill her.

Prachi gets shocked after hearing this and Pragya says that Abhi, Tanu, and Aliya failed my car’s brake and tried to kill me. Prachi can’t believe this and she stands calm. Now, the upcoming episode will reveal many more things and it will be interesting to watch more episodes because Rhea’s reality is yet to reveal when Pallavi will ask Prachi to get out of her house. So, let’s wait for the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya. Stay tuned for more updates.


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