Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update: The serial known as Kumkum Bhagya has taken many twists and turns in its recent episodes and is going to be enthralling to those who have kept up with the series for a long time. We’ll be giving the written update of the latest episode based on the official promos. We will also update you on what has happened already?

Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update Ranbir Makes Prank Of Prachi

We were left at the point where Ranbir was planning to get a divorce from Rhea but Rhea had outright refused and told them that she will make Prachi pay for what she had done as she had broken her family. There was a lot of drama going on as we had seen a split into two sides. One side is with Prachi and Ranbir to stay together and the other wants Rhea to stay in their family. Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

We see Ranbir and Stanley talking as Stanley tells him that the papers in his room were not divorce papers. They are wondering where the papers went when he put them there. Pallavi asks what is it that they were searching for. When they tell her she responds that maybe some guest may have thrown them away. But then she remembers where they are and is thanked by Ranbir.

Rhea asked Prachi and she replies that she doesn’t know if it is right or not to tell but she is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. Rhea says that she doesn’t care about anyone else and will do whatever’s best for her. Rhea doubts her pregnancy and tells her that stop playing the pregnancy card.

Prachi says that she hid her pregnancy from Ranbir in order to get revenge but ends up feeling pain herself. She felt jealous seeing them together. She calls her sister and Rhea says to not call her sister and not to play the sister card. Prachi wants her baby to feel both parents’ love as she didn’t get it herself. Rhea regrets saving her and pushes her. But, this turns out to be just in Prachi’s mind. Rhea thought to herself that she will make Ranbir hers that night.

Rhea says that if they were not sisters then Prachi would’ve been on road. Rhea tells her to stay within her limits. Prachi congrats Rhea when she told her that Ranbir bought her a house. Prachi gets emotional and starts crying and he tells her that life is just like that. Ranbir says that it was his dream house and he bought it for Rhea. Hearing this makes Prachi upset.

Rhea checks the envelope as Ranbir went back to his room. Ranbir was feeling sad and Vikram asks him why. He says that all husbands feel happy seeing their wives jealous. Rhea thought the papers were divorce papers. Rhea tells Aaliya that everything is in her favor. Ranbir wants to replace her memories with Prachi with her memories with Rhea. This was what Rhea was thinking.

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