In today’s episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that I love seeing your changed attitude but I don’t like the anger you are showing to me. When we were staying together you used to scold me in a funny way that’s why I named you Phugi. Pragya says that now I am not the old one whom you can manipulate easily. Abhi says that Dadi used to say that trees can change themselves according to the season but their nature can never be changed. I know that you came here to take revenge

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2021 Episode

from me and destroy me. Pragya says that when I loved you and couldn’t imagine my life without you then you betrayed me, and now my feelings have been changed. I have seen life getting changed in front of my eyes. Abhi says that he needs to drink so he can forget all these things.

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Pragya asks him to leave the house. He says that when the bank will snatch all my assets then ill leave the house happily. He asks her to stop the auction. Pragya says that I have made good memories in this house but you have me some bad memories as well.

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I will not stop the auction and you have to pay for your actions. Pragya says that I thought when I’ll be back you must be a businessman and a become a big star in the music industry. I thought that I’ll pull you down from the height but you are living the life of a common man.

Abhi says that I am living this life by choice otherwise so still have the potential to get back to music and rise to any height. My strength is my family and if they are in pain then I’ll take care of them. He says that I request you to stop the auction as I have spent my entire life in this house with family.

You have gained this position just to destroy me but I gained it with my hard work. Sushma ji challenges Abhi to earn enough so he can buy his property once again. She says that currently you don’t have ability to stand in front of Pragya so leave the house. Sushma asks Pragya why you asked him to come here and argue with him.

Pragya says that when I entered the house I was not thinking about selling it but after meeting Abhi I decided to sell it. He asks Pragya’s secretary why Sushma ji is getting into a husband wife metter. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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