The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi and Shayna who was stopped by Rhea. Rhea says that whatever they got from the house, they can write a list. Rhea knows that they are Prachi and Shayna and they made their entry after becoming officers. Rhea moves Prachi’s beard from her face. The reality comes in front of everyone an they gets shocked after knowing this. Rhea takes pictures from Prachi and she reveals that they came here to take these papers. Rhea says that she will go her lawyer and everything will happen in this house.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2021

Rhea says to Dida and says that she likes this Prachi who is playing this game. Prachi says that who started this game? who forced her to do this? Prachi adds that Lord Krishna also played a game against warriors. Aliya says that Prachi is a middle-class girl and therefore, she is doing this. Prachi snatches the papers and tears in front of everyone. Rhea gets shocked and everyone sees her. Prachi says that she will not let this lie become truth in this house. Prachi says lie can never replace truth.

Prachi gives befitting replies to Rhea and says that everything has been destroyed. She says that she is a daughter-in-law of this house and a wife of Ranbir. On the other side, Jay stops Ranbir and he says that he will have to tell his father and Jai says that even he doesn’t know about this. Jai thinks that he is struggling in his life. At Kohli’s house, Shayna says that she is standing with Prachi and Rhea has never changed in her life. She is like before.

Rhea says that everything is seeing this drama and Prachi replies we are not like you, who has crossed her limit. Aliya says that she can even slap her and Prachi says that she will not like it if she will hold her hand. Suddenly, Police come and ask for Prachi Arora. Prachi says that she is Prachi Arora and Police says that she is under arrest.

Another side, Ranbir is thinking about Prachi who is thinking about and says that he is living and she will live happily. On the other side, Police says that Rhea Kohli called them and told them that Prachi Arora came in their house as an income tax officer and trying to steal something. Rhea says that she couldn’t find her necklace since Prachi came into the house. Police ladies constable try to find the necklace but Rhea says that they need to check Prachi’s room. Prachi thinks that she is saying this with lots of confidence.

Rhea asks Dida that can she show Prachi’s room to a police officer? Rhea forces Dida to show Prachi’s room. Prachi says that what is she trying to do? Rhea says that she is giving punishment to her. Prachi says she will do this continuously in this house because she is doing wrong way in this house. Aliya, Pallavi, and Rhea made a plan to put this necklace in Prachi’s room. They have already done their plannings against Prachi. She says that she hid the necklace in her room. The Episode Ends.


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