Kumkum Bhagya is on its hype and the recent episodes are also entertaining the fans with lots of amazing turns and twists. So, the upcoming episode starts when Ranbir continuously starts talking about Prachi and Pallavi asks about the situation and Ranbir asks that why did she sign on documents? She scolds Rhea about this and gets angry with her. Rhea shouts but Ranbir asks her to shut her mouth. Later, Ranbir leaves and goes inside her room. Pallavi says to Dida that why did she say that she is married with Ranbir? Dida says that she just said the truth and Prachi is also proved herself that she is the first wife of Ranbir. More Updates Uptobrain

Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2021

Dida says that on the other side, Rhea did not prove her lie and now if the drama has been over, she wants to go inside her room and thinks that now, she will sleep calmly. Rhea stops Dida and says that what is the meaning of her that Prachi has been changed? Dida says that who got the truth in life, they change and this is another thing that someone’s become, priest or devil. Rhea scares and on the other side, Prachi picks a rose from the bed and remembers her past with Ranbir.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th December

Prachi is thinking about her misunderstanding and on the other side, Dida takes a picture of Prachi from her almirah and says that she missed her a lot. Prachi thinks that it was all planned by Ranbir and he didn’t want to live more with her. Prachi says that she is pregnant and doesn’t know what should she call the baby? Ranbir takes her bag into the room and Prachi says that what is he doing here? Ranbir replies this is his room and he just brought her bag, Prachi says she can’t lift her burden. He thanks her for not to sent Rhea to jail. Prachi and Ranbir into an argument.

Prachi says that she just came to spoil his life. She has totally changed because she just wants to take revenge. On the other side, Rhea thinks about herself in her room and talks to Shaina. Rhea says that Ranbir is still her husband because Pallavi said to her. Rhea finds her clothes and gets to know that everything is settled in Prachi’s room.

Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and asks Ranbir that what is he doing here? Rhea asks about her presence here and Ranbir replies that he came to take his laptop and Rhea says that he took too much time and suddenly Prachi says that they both were talking and remembering their past. Prachi and Rhea get into a heated argument. Prachi reveals that she came here to spoil her all the plans and it doesn’t matter that whether he is Ranbir or she.


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