The show “Kumkum Bhgaya” today’s episode starts with Riya said to the Alia that id father met with the Prachi mother then they said Riya is her elder sister. She said that you said to my lie, you and Riya…!  How can you do this with me? She said you told everything to lie with me since my childhood. She said you know all about my mother and sister still you don’t tell me about them.

She said that you also kept my father and mother distance. She shows Prachi and her picture and tells me that you know everything but still, you hide me and you try to make the distance between me, Prachi, and her family. She said that just because of you I tried to kill my sister and ask why? She said if you don’t live us together so why you make the distance between us? Ranbir holds Prachi and makes sitting on the bed and wear her anklet…play a song..Subhanallah…she asks him why you care for me a lot and told the mother that you catch me in the room. Ranbir said that he doesn’t have a worry, but she helps.

Prachi said Sahana tease her. Ranbir gives her medicine and a glass of water and asks her how can he tease you.


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