The episode starts with Pragya enters her room and flashback hits her. She recalls those years she spent with Abhi. She wipes her tears and stands near the bed. She remembers when Sushma says that she will be emotional after visiting her home. She recalls all the events she wanted to forget. She says that this house is nice but the people who lived here did wrong to her. She calls Sushma and Pragya says that you have won the challenge as I got emotional while entered the house. Sushma asks her not to get emotional as she has achieved what she ever wanted to achieve.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2021 Written Updates

Get ready to watch the exceptional episode of the most prominent and brilliant television show named Kumkum Bhagya. As all of us know that the show is airing for a very long time but the excitement level to watch the exceptional show is very high. Now, the makers of the show also maintaining the streak of high TRP on every episode.

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On the other hand, the TRP of the show regularly increasing instead of fluctuating. So, the show is highly anticipated which is clearly shown its TRP and success. Again, the upcoming episode of the show enhancing the craze and madness among the audience to watch it.

Abhi enters the house and finds Pragya’s earing. He calls Pragya and asks her what are you doing here? Abhi says that he headed about auctions of the house so I wanted to visit for one last time. Pragya starts coughing and questions what is wrong with you.

He remembers that she is allergic to dust and tries to help her. Pragya says that I don’t need your help and don’t show that you care about me. He asks Pragya to stay away from the door and kicks the door to open it. Both of them got stunned after seeing each other.

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Someone informs that no one has come for the auction. Pragya argue s with Abhi that why did he come here. He says that this is his house and she entered the house as his wife. Pragya says that I don’t want to hear anything. Abhi stops her and says that today I will spear and you will listen to everything.

He holds her hand and asks her to stop. She tries to get herself free from him but he asks her to stop doing this otherwise she would get hurt. Abhi opens the windows and asks Pragya to sit here.

Her secretary comes and asks if anything wrong here. He says that Pragya has fallen in Love, cancle the auction and call the doctor. Pragya says that I don’t want your help. Abhi asks her not to speak, and try to breath. Sushma ji receives a call from the secretary of Pragya.

She convey Sushma ji that Pragya got unconscious while entered the house. Prachi is upset that I married to Ranbir that’s why his mother is upset with him. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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