The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir who is talking with his friend and telling everything that when he was in his college time with Rhea, he thought that they are a powerful couple in the college but later, he realized. His friend says that he is right and becomes a sandwich between both sisters.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2022

On the other side, Dida is arguing with Aliya and Rhea and she reveals that it was her plan. Dida says that once a time, she was sitting with her friends in the temple where her friends were showing off.

She also showed off in front of them and told them that we have too much money in the lockers of the room. Maybe, someone among them pinned to Income Tax Officers. Rhea and Dida leave the spot and Aliya pickups the landline phone.

She thinks that they don’t belong to Income Tax Officer otherwise, first, they cut the landline of the house. On the other side, Vikram is with Prachi and she is checking the locker. Suddenly, Vikram realizes that she is Prachi and sees Rhea is coming into the room.

Dida gets to know that Vikram knows everything and can tell everyone about this. Rhea asks which kind of raid is this? Prachi says that they are measuring the house. Prachi says that she need keys to open the locker and Vikram also asks her to give them keys. Rhea gives papers to Prachi and says that opens the locker. Prachi asks her to get out of this room and Rhea says that she is doubting her.

Rhea says that she is not leaving this room and suddenly, Shayna comes into the room and says to her that she is one of the most talented officers in the department. Rhea gets ready to go out of the room and later, Vikram is thinking about the past. Pallavi asks about his situation and he tells that there was a problem in the office. Pallavi says that she want to know truth.

Later, Prachi and Shayna come out of the room and give their smartphones to them. They are about to leave but Rhea stops them. Another side, Ranbir is still telling a story to his friend and says that he wanted to impress Rhea by hurting Prachi but he fell in love with her. His friend says to him that he was wrong and Ranbir says that Yes, he was wrong but doesn’t want to get married to Rhea but unfortunately, he got married.

Ranbir tells everything to Jai and says that she has been changed totally and wants her rights from the family. He says that she is in danger and he will go far away from her. He says that he is going for a business meeting tonight and leaving the country for a month. The Episode Ends.


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