In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, August 12, 2021, it will come with some interesting story and twist because Abhi has been locked in the storeroom by Peon as the orders given by Gaurav to lock him. Now, how will he escape from this and what will happen next.

kumkum bhagay 12th august 2021

Now, the episode shows that he broke the storeroom gate but it was too hard to break, and when Abhi is about to fall, he even tries to break the channel, and suddenly, the gate breaks. Abhi runs towards the secretary and she told to him that she is in the cabin along with Gaurav Thappar.

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Suddenly, Abhi reaches them and sees that Gaurav is forcing with Pragya and she has a knife to defend herself. Abhi comes to them and beat Gaurav in her cabin and beats Gaurav so much that he faints. Pragya stops him and says that why are you beating him so much. You hit him too many times and he faints now.

Abhi says that whether to say thanks to him, she is scolding him. He knows that what is he trying to do with you and I wish I kill him. Pragya made him understand and asks him to go from here.

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Later, he comes to Sushma and says that he did not complain against Pragya because I respect you and she was trying to kill me with Knife. Sushma asks him not to act like this in front of me and says that she is not killing you, she was defending.

She did not file a complaint against you but she has given you punishment. She is going to break partner with him and his company. Gaurav says that she can’t do this because she needs my signature and maybe, I didn’t sign anywhere.

Sushma says maybe, you forgot that last night, you were drunk and you signed some papers in front of Pragya. He remembered and says that she can’t do this. Sushma says that she is going to donate all his properties and it will happen soon and asks him to keep away from Pragya and warns him.

Sushma goes away and suddenly, Gaurav’s father comes to him and slaps him. He says that he had already made a huge problem and is now, going to send him and his brother to jail. Gaurav asks him to leave. On the other side, Abhi’s friend comes to him and asks him to drink alcohol. Abhi says that he saw a dream and if he will drink this, so he will forget the dream and he doesn’t want this.

He shared everything to his friend about Pragya’s incident and he beat Gaurav last night. He said that he saved her but even, she scolds him but later, says thanks to him. We see that Aliya is standing behind the window and hears everything.

Abhi says that he beat Pragya’s business partner and he had wrong intentions over Pragya and his business. He slaps him a lot and he will remember him in his life. Abhi says that he can do anything for his Rani.

Aliya goes from there and tells Tanu about Pragya’s incident. Aliya says to her that she has one plan and has a Hukkum Ka Iqqa. Aliya goes to Gaurav’s house to meet but Gaurav asks her to go out of his house. The Episode Ends.


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