The popular TV show, Kumkum Bhagya is all set to premiere with one more episode of the day. As we have already seen that every episode comes with some latest twists and turns and recently, Prachi has been facing many things from her sister Rhea who wants to show her down in front of family members.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2021


Now, all the responsibilities of the house have been given to Rhea by Pallavi after handed over the keys. While Pallavi and Vikram thought that she has been doing all these things intentionally. Vikram promised her that when he will be all right, he will help her.

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On the other side, Pragya is stopping Abhi from not drinking alcohol. While Abhi doesn’t obey his words and tries to drink again but Pragya has mixed water instead of alcohol in the bottles. Now, the upcoming episode will show something more excited where you will get to see that Pallavi will play another game against Prachi to threw out from the house and Ranbir’s life. Now, let’s see what will happen in the upcoming episode and it will be interesting to watch the latest updates of the show. Let’s talk about the latest episode.

Today’s episode will start when Rhea will try to call without any work and tries to call her. Later, the episode will show that Pallavi and Vikram will play a plan against Prachi where they plan to kick out Prachi from the house but they also know that if Prachi will go out so, Ranbir will also go with her and they can’t lose their son. Pallavi plans that she will have to provoke Ranbir against Prachi so, later, Ranbir will leave her alone and she will go out of the house soon.

The upcoming episode will show that how Pallavi plays her first plan with Vikram against Prachi where she will have to face an evil plan her and taking out this chance, Pallavi will blame her and says to Ranbir that when she used to live with you, she did not do any kind of mistake there. Ranbir says No, and Pallavi says that she is taking revenge on us and that’s why she is doing this and just because of this misunderstanding, Prachi will leave Ranbir and his family. But later, Pallavi will get to know the reality of Rhea and she will regret it and tries to back Prachi to her house.

Now, the upcoming episode will bring lots of things, and fans are going excited about the episode. and Rhea will get succeed in her plans to get Ranbir in her life again. Tell us in the comment section.


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