Kumkum Bhagya is the show which is so famous. We see in the last episode that Rhea falls down and they all say that Prachi has pushed her from the cliff. Aryan calls Rhea and she think why he calling her. She cuts the phone by mistake. Then she thinks now she cannot pick any call. Abhi calls her and she does not pick it up. Abhi reaches to the camp and Pragya also comes to the camp. Pragya asks where is the camp office. She goes there. Abhi asks where is Rhea. Prachi cries and the captain says he has assigned his whole team to find Rhea

In Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2019 episode written updates, we see that Rhea is creating all this drama. Pragya reaches there and Prachi becomes so upset. Pragya asks why you are crying. Prachi says I have not done anything. College official says that he has not informed police yet as Prachi’s future will be at stake but now we are only finding Rhea otherwise we will call the police. He shows the photographs in which Prachi seems to fight with Rhea. Officials say that it is clear that you pushed her from the cliff. Rhea calls her friends and her friend goes from there. Rhea asks what is happening there.

She tells her that nothing everything is going by our plan. She asks what is happening over there. Then Rhea gets to know that her father is here. Abhi is so disturbed after knowing that her daughter has been pushed from the cliff. Rhea says I will apply some soil on my body and will act that I am injured when somebody will catch me. Rhea is such a spoiled child that she can create fake news. For more updates of Kumkum Bhagya latest, episode stay tuned with us.


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