The latest written episode of Kumkum Bhagya is here. We are back with the latest written update of the upcoming episode as of August 11, 2021. The latest episode will reveal many things about Gaurav and Gautam’s life. We will get to see many things in the latest episode and here is a spoiler.

Kumkum Bhagya, 11th August 2021

The episode starts where Rhea is sitting in her room and looks upset because she was unable to follow the responsibility and reminds the words which were said by Pallavi to Prachi. She stands and comes close to the mirror and thinks something. Rhea goes more upset by thinking about her mistakes and Pallavi said to her that learns some responsibilities from elders.

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On the other scene, Prachi talks with her husband, Ranbir on a video call and tells him that she blessed me and I am too happy. She said to him that every woman has one dream that she lived the happiest life with her husband but my dream was that I wanted to live a happy and peaceful life with my husband’s family and it seems that the dream has come true.

I want to make some space between them and today, when she blessed me, it looked that God blessed me. Ranbir says that you are also very good. Prachi says no, she is too good therefore, she did like that. I didn’t do anything, I just gave medicines to Papa Ji on time and she felt too happy.

Ranbir says that Prachi you are the reason for her smile and you should spend some more time with her and see that what will happen next? She will be changed because she was like this before but since he left the house, she changed totally. Prachi says that you seem like this and Ranbir says yes.

On the other side, Rhea going angrier at Prachi in her room and says that why, Prachi why are you doing the same as you have done with me before. The scene change and sees that Abhi is still locked in the storeroom and says that he should have been aware before when he was watching me from the window and tries to break the door but it was too hard and couldn’t break by him.

He stops and Gaurav stands with Peon outside the room and thinks that the noise seems slow maybe, the body of the bodyguard have down. Gaurav gives some money to Peon and says him to leave him in the storeroom for a while at night.

Later, Pallavi comes to the Dida room and try to ask apology and Dida says that she can be seen her anger but also, her care for her husband and knows that why she says some wonderful words to Prachi. The Episode Ends.


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