In the Kumkum Bhagya 11the September 2018 written episode, Tanu is trying to blackmail Pragya, she told that she is only doing this because she wanted to stolen Abhi from Pragya, she asks her to not be so insecure and let be living her life.

Tanu gets surprised to saw what is happening and why is she is here, then she thinks that what is . she has a child. Pragya is coming when the king calls her name, Tanu saw this and told to Aliya that she came with King and may not have a child.

King has received the gifts from the teachers and when she came with her he starts teasing to Pragya. After this he says that he will leave her hand and starts to walk towards the auditorium, Kiara and Sunny was talking, she told that he must not be got scared as Abhi will help them like in a movie, he gets worried and said that he does not understand , Abhi and Tanu both are come and join the show along with everyone . Pragya came with King, to saw this Abhi gets emotional. The principle of the school will start the programme, King told to Pragya that he was waiting for Kiara’s reaction.

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In the show it is announced that sunny and Kiara will perform now, King and Abhi both gets so much excited and then feel so happy when everyone stops, Pragya wonders how both of them had a relationship with her daughter and they both love each other so much , she had a fear in his mind that what will happens if they announce both of the names .
Sunny began the show with his performance in THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, they start to tell the tale after which everyone gets emotional. Kiara comes in the princess role to saw thus Pragya get emotional and she was speechless.


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