The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, August 10, 2021, will have some emotional moments between a father and a daughter. Yes, Abhi and Prachi will come in front of each other when Prachi goes to Abhi’s house to drop some money for the treatment of her grandmother and when she is about to drop some money in a piggybank, Abhi sees her hand and catch her.

Kumkum Bhagya, 10th August 2021

Now, it will be interesting to watch again that what will happen next because there are some possibilities that the brokerage between Prachi and Abhi will decrease and he will accept his daughter along with Rhea. Now, let’s see what will happen next in the upcoming episode.

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Later, Prachi thinks that when she saw Abhi, she wished that if her father were like him, and when she realized that Abhi is her actual father, she can’t live with him. On the other side, Abhi also thinks that I also wanted to give love to Prachi as I gave Rhea but I couldn’t and it happened, Rhea will never forgive me. Abhi says to her that he will never forget her what did she do?

On the other side, Pallavi, Dida, and Prachi are talking with each other in Vikram’s room and Pallavi blessed her by putting her hand on Prachi and says God Bless Her. She did very good work and saved Vikram’s life. Prachi gets happy and smiled. Pallavi sees Rhea on the door and taunts her that Prachi obeys the responsibility which I didn’t tell her and you did not obey which I told you.

You must learn to follow responsibilities from Prachi. Rhea sees Prachi and gets upset. Dida and Prachi come to Vikram and Dida say strictly not to move from his bed. Prachi wishes that one day, his father will also bless her like Pallavi.

In the next scene, Peon comes to Abhi says that Gautam sir said that you work from Pragya mam and put all these files in the storeroom. Does Abhi say that Will he have to go right now? Peon replies yes. Abhi goes to the files room with the peon and found there is too dark in the room.

He switches ON the lights and when he is about to put the files. The peon (Harish) goes outside and locks the door from outside. Abhi comes close to the door and says that he is still inside and asks him to open the door.

While Gaurav tries to take the sign of Pragya on documents but she says that she will check all these documents from the lawyer and then sign on it. Gaurav asks him to believe in him but Pragya reject to sign and suddenly, Gaurav mixes something in her coffee when Pragya goes to take some files. Pragya says that we are partners, not friends. She says that she will sign these papers laters. The Episode Ends.


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