Kumkum Bhagya s the most popular tv serial having a large audience who loves it so much. The fan following you can imagine, how much people love this serial. The continuous ongoing thriller in the story makes every cautious and exit to watch the upcoming episodes. Here is the latest episode was written update of the serial where you will find out the latest scenes of the serial with upcoming twists. The episode will be telecast on the regular platform. So get ready to enjoy the show and defeat your anxiety in the evening.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2021

In the latest episode, you will see the long-frustrated character of the story Prachi starts getting relief suddenly. We say this because today you will see Prachi finally made the presence in Dadi maa’s heart. Dadu accepts her and is now happy with her. While on the other side, the long-time rude behavior by Rhea is also changed. She is curious that why suddenly Rhea changed her behavior towards Prachi. Rhea starts helping Prachi and co-operates with problems. Happiness is not taking end. She goes to meet Abhi but she getting upset after knowing that Abhi has some financial problems. Prachi arranged some money for him to help him and out of the financial problem.

Abhi catches the third red-handed while they stealing money from the house. He is extremely shocked to see the thief. Although later, he tell that he is not stealing the money and trying to sort the problem and confusion arises among them. Abhi gets a call for a job and he tells that now he going to start a job in a Company. The financial problems will be sorted out very soon.

Ranbir asks her not to hurt herself. She wants Abhi to forgive her. She further adds that she will not let Rhea lack any relation, she will talk to Rhea about Abhi. Prachi tells that Rhea is her responsibility and she wanted to makes her happy always. She just wanted to keep her safe from every problem. Even she thinks a lot more for Rhea and trying to keep her happy and solve her all the problem before the problems hurt her life.


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