In the written episode of Kulfi, Kumar Bajewala Sikhander gets to know that Lovely was Tevar’s girlfriend or not. The latest updates began with Sikhander tries to know much more about the Tevar’s girlfriend. Lovely get panic to know about the Sikhander and she stars to pray as she does not want Sikhander to knew about her past. As she knows about that Sikhander will leave her and Amyra if he gets to knew that Kulfi is his daughter.

She apologises for her mistakes and gets panic about Amyra. Sikhander take help from the old man and getting to knew of the place where Tevar use to work. He cames at home and told to Lovely about Tevar’s girlfriend love.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala written episode 19 september2018

Lovely getting tensed and Sikhander told her that he will found Tevar’s girlfriend as soon as possible. He further even adds saying that he will surely prove that she did not gave birth to Kulfi.  Seeing Kulfi to speak in English, Tevar gets happy to saw this. Kulfi gets Anyrah’s friends on her side and Lovely hates Kulfi even more.

Tevar preparing Kulfi for Rangoli competation. He later starts crying and told that he had no clue that Lovely has given up on their daughter and make her suffer. Mahendra tolds that Sikhander will soon get to know about his girlfriend. On the other hand, Kulfi gets upset as she Is hurting Tevar by not calling him dad.

Kulfi meats Sikhander in the temple and gave him a excting surprise him by reading the English alpahatbets. He promises to make her unit with her real father. Kulfi wished to surprise Tevar by calling him, Baba. Gunjan overhears cuite and Lovely’s talkand cries a loud for Kulfi.

Amyrah gets jealous by seeing kulfi’s rangoli and spoil it. Sikander saw Amrya’s behavior and even Tevar gets angry on understanding that Amyra spoiled rangoli made by Kulfi.



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