In the latest episode of Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Sikandar has come back but he is Sikandar’s doppelganger in actual. He entered in Sikandar’s home with not so good intentions. On the hand, Kulfi was sitting in front of her father’s gate, waiting for him to come back home while Sikandar went out of the house at midnight. Suddenly Kulfi woke up and found that her father was not in his room. She then went out in search of Sikandar. Sikandar on the other side is struggling to enter the home through thieves eyes. However, he is not a real Sikandar. Where is real Sikandar? With what intentions this fake Sikandar entered the house? It would be very interesting to see what will happen next but let me tell how this all going to happen in tonight’s episode.

The doppelganger of Sikandar was wondering here and there in Sikandar’s home in search of something. Mahendra came to him and told him that he knows what he is looking for. Sikandar asked him what he thinks. Mahendra said I know you are looking for Babe, but after your accident, she went from this home. The two had a word with each other and then they moved ahead for dinner. Everyone gathered for dinner where  Johny (dog) came there and started barking on fake Sikandar.

Amyra, who is very happy with her dad’s come back o home, told their pet dog to stop barking on Sikandar. But the dog continuously barked on him. Kulfi noticed it all. Sikandar asked Amyra to finish her complete meal on the dinner table while was thinking why Sikandar is only showing affection towards Amyra and why he doesn’t even look at me. Sikandar also ate the cake made by Amyra. Amyra got super happy as her father is loving her. On the hand, Kulfi also tried to talk to Sikandar by offering him her Pinni, but Sikandar refused to eat it. Kulfi asked him why he is not eating Pinni as it was his favorite dish.

Kulfi started doubting on Sikandar and she tried to understand what is wrong with Sikandar. After dinner Loveleen asked Amyra to take Sikandar in his room, where he got shocked to see such a beautiful room as he is a thief, who is only here to rob them all. Sikandar said it is my favorite room to which Kulfi reminded him that his favorite room was the music room. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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