The latest episode of Star Plus popular TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala begins with Amyra thanking Kulfi for reminding her that she for love from everyone including Amyra’s fake father (Sikander) and her real father (Tevar). Kufi tells Amyra that Sikander’s love for her isn’t fake at all. She tells Amyra that she’s everyone’s sweetheart as she is so pretty. She asks her to stop fighting with Sikander and patch up with him. Sikander says to Amyra that he knows that there’s a big question in her heart. He admits that he hid the truth from her. He says that parents use to hide harsh truths from their children for that they need to lie to them.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th July 2019 episode, Sikander says to Amyra that she is Amyra Sikander Singh Gill and nobody can snatch that identity away from her. Sikander bends on his keens and opens his arms, he asks Amyra to come to him and hug him. He says nobody will break their bond, not even God. Amyra heads towards him but she runs away leaving Sikander and Loveleen crying. Sikander’s mother asks him to not go after Amyra. She tells him that he has begged her enough till now, but not anymore. She goes on to say that Amyra has to accept the truth and she has to compromise as well.

Sikander cries in his room saying he deceived Nimrat so his fate is deceiving him every moment. He says he has two daughters, one of them is his heart while his other daughter is his heartbeat. Loveleen tries to talk some sense into Amyra saying they hadn’t hidden the truth from her, but they were protecting her from the truth. She says that truth can be very painful sometimes and you can’t take it. Amyra says that she’s not in Loveleen’s team anymore and that she is alone now. Loveleen says that a mother never leaves her daughter. Amyra says to Loveleen that she has to leave Kulfi to be with her.

Kulfi comes to Sikander and tries to console him saying she knows he will be able to pacify Amyra. Sikander hugs Kulfi, she asks him to come with her. The two goes into the music room. She asks Sikander to sit and focus. Later, Sikander allows Miya to make Amyra a star, but only on one condition. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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