In tonight’s episode of Star Plus much popular musical drama show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi tells her friends that she wants to go down from the hill. But her friends refuse the proposal at first, but little Kulfi manages to make them agreed. They all come down from the hill, where Kulfi finds a batch of holly hospital. She takes that batch to her home. On the other hand, Sikandar’s doppelganger tells Loveleen that he can do anything for the sake of her happiness. He says that he can even throw Kulfi out of the house for Loveleen and Amyhra’s happiness. He says to Loveleen that today he will tell Kulfi that there is no place for her in this house anymore.

Loveleen tells that there is no need to do so as Kulfi is a kid and she has nowhere to go. Sikandar says to Loveleen that Kulfi is his mistake and that he wants to throw her out the house. Just than Kulfi arrives home. Sikandar comes to Kulfi, he was about to tell her to leave his house but Loveleen stops him at the right time. Loveleen says she is a little kid and where will she go if you will tell her to walk away? In her head, Loveleen is thinking that Sikandar is testing her patience level as he wasn’t like that before.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that she was eagerly waiting for Sikandar to talk to her, but Sikandar refuses to talk and walks away. Amyra was playing frisbee with her friends when one of her friends pushes her. Sikandar scolds her friend after which that kid apologizes. Kulfi also witnesses the whole incident and thinks that her father is not like that all, he would handle the situation peacefully. Sikandar leaves from there with Amyra.

Kulfi again has the same dream at night in which Sikandar was calling her. Kulfi comes outside of the house and sees Sikandar consuming alcohol. Kulfi tries to stop him during which he was about to slap Kulfi, but all the family members come there at right time. Loveleen asks Sikandar what is happing here? It would be interesting to see what Kulfi will do with that holy hospital batch. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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