Kulfi and Rocket met Sikandar (Bhola). Bhola also sang a song with Kulfi, but Kufi got shocked to see how her father was behaving weirdly with her. Kulfi cried as her father was pretending to be Pakhi’s father and went home with Pakhi. Kulfi got emotional and said that she would tell everyone that she has found real Sikandar.

Nandini told Loveleen that her husband had become drug addicted that shocked Loveleen. Loveleen asked Nandini what should she do now. Nandini asked her to get to know from where her husband purchase drugs. Kulfi reached home and called everyone to tell them something about Chandan. Loveleen, Amayra and Sikandar’s brother arrived to listen to Kulfi. Just than Chandan reached there and asked Kulfi what she was about to tell everyone. Kulfi got scared and changed her mind. She said that she has troubled her father a lot and that she’s is very sorry for her behaviour.

There is high-voltage drama going on in Star Plus TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. In tonight’s episode of the musical drama show, Chandan also apologised everyone asking Kulfi to forgive her father. He said that he would not misbehave again. On the other, Pakhi is enjoying her life with Bhola. Nandini told Bhola that she couldn’t sleep as she has to study hard. Bhola sang a song and made Pakhi and Nandini sleep. Loveleen is determined to solve the problem of Sikandar’s drug addiction. She went into Sikandar’s room, thinking she might find something there. He checked everywhere in search of a clue.

Loveleen found a visitor’s pass to the Holly Hospital from the dustbin. The patient’s name was Kamla on the visitor’s card while the visitor’s name was Sikander Singh Gill. Loveleen wondered who is Kamla now. Loveleen remembered that this is the hospital where Nandini works. Loveleen thought that she could ask Nandini about it as she worked in the Holly Hospital. Next morning, Kulfi decided to go to Sikandar’s elder brother to tell him the truth. She noticed Chandan scolding someone over the phone. Kulfi heard Chandan saying on the phone that he is playing a big game. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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