In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th October 2018 written episode,  Sikander struggles to patch up with Amyra. The episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala starts with Tevar welcomes to Kulfi in the way of happiness in his life. To say this everyone is very happy. He showed his expensive house to her and tolds her that this is her house. He very surprised her with a decorated home. He asks her to call her dad.

She tolds him that she needed some time to call him dad. He asks her that he feel like home. She asks him that where is the music room. He tolds to her that he can be made music in any room of the house, as music is not limited. He asks her that he is not to compare things with Sikander’s house, as this is their house. He asks the servants to be with Kulfi and fulfil all the wishes. Sikander makes a beautiful and tasty cake to apologizes to Amyra.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala written episode 3 september 2018

Lovely was thanking full Bebe for supporting her. Bebe tolds her that she has sent Kulfi, knowing Kulfi would not be happy in their family. Kulfi misses Tevar. He feels sad and starts crying. She asked him if he loves her mother, why did he leave them. He asks her to forget her mother. He does not reveal to her that Lovely is her mother. He said mistakes because of Lovely’s life. He tolds her that he had given the ordered to all the food just for her, she can have anything that she likes the most.

Sikander tries to talk with Amyra, who is much depressed. She does not want to forgive her parents too soon. She felt insulted because of Kulfi. She tolds to Sikander that he failed to prove his love.


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