Kulfi kumar bajewala is running successfully on Star Plus.  Amyra says dirty boy you should stay away from my mom and dad and they are fighting because of you. Kulfi says what happened. Amyra shouts. Kulfi says what are you saying and you tricked on me and you replaced oil with glue and i was in trouble because of you. Amyra says you are illiterate and go away. Kulfi says i understand everything.

Sikander’s mother says something has happened in between Lovely and Sikander. Lovely talks to her mother and says i am so tensed and i don’t know what to do. Lovely says Sikander has Amyra’s promise and he will not meet her. Her mother says Sikander loves her and he will surely meet her. Sikander goes out.

kulfi kumar bajewala, written episode

Sikander messages his old brother and asks him to come. He tells everything to him. He becomes shocked and asks if this can be true. He says yes. His brother asks what are you thinking and how can you leave Amyra and Lovely. He feels so miserable and thinks why is this happening. Amyra scolds dog and says you are my dog and so you cannot live with the dirty boy. Sikander asks his brother to go to village and meet them. He says i cannot keep quiet after knowing that she is my daughter.

Sikander’s brother packs his bag and leaves for village. Sikander remains quiet and Lovely asks what happened and why are you not picking up your phone. Sikander says i do not want to talk to anybody now. Amyra closes Dog into room. For more updates stay tuned



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