Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is having an interesting story plot. Lovely goes to Sikander and says Amyra can sing in the movie and you just have to tell Roshan Kumar that Amyra will sing in their movie.

Kulfi stands out and by mistake vase falls. Lovely says what are you saying. Lovely says he is spying on us. Lovely says Amyra will also become naughty and now he will be out. Lovely says he will not stay here. Sikander says please leave him. Lovely says do not argue with me. Sikander says respect each other atleast and he leaves.

kulfi kumar bajewala, written episode

Kulfi says i just want my pouch back and i want to leave this house. She tells that pouch is having her mother’s memories and a book. Servant asks Kulfi to go to Lovely madam and say sorry. She says no i cannot as my mother said that where nobody respects you then you should not stay there. Servant says if that pouch is so much important to you then you should talk to Lovely. Kulfi asks who is she.

Servant tells her that she is mother of Amyra and then after she forgives you, you will get the time to look for you pouch. Kulfi cries and runs. She thinks now i will go out of here. She goes to the lift and thinks this is the only way to get out. She becomes scared as last time she went in the lift and was trapped.

She open the lift and suddenly sees Lovely. Lovely scolds him and says i will make you out of the house. Lovely throws Kulfi out. She asks Guard to keep him out. Kulfi runs and guard follows him.


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