Everyone celebrates eid and Lovely’s mother and father comes. episode starts with these incidents. Sikander says that thank you so much you came and i am so obliged. Lovely’s mother says we did not come here because you invited us but we came on the invitation of Amyra.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, written updates, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode

Lovely’s dad thinks i will make someone else a superstar then only Sikander will says sorry to me and we regret what he did. Ustad ji comes to home and Sikander touches his hand and kisses his hand. Ustad ji says eid mubarak. Sikander says i am glad you came. Lovely tells her mother that this is his teacher and when Sikander was struggling here in Mumbai then he helped him a lot.

They all makes fun of him. Kulfi also goes to ustad ji and says please bless me too as you are guru of my guru. Ustad ji says getting my blessing is not easy and you have to earn it. Kulfi says i will surely earn it as my mother told me to do so. Ustad ji gets impressed. He asks for Mahender and Sikander remains silent.

Mahender meets Bholi and  then Bholi tells him that i am not daughter of Nimrit and Kulfi is Nimrit bua’s daughter. He gets shocked,


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