Kulfi asks for her pouch but then gets to know that pouch is not here and is lost. Lovely says i will help you Kulfi. Kulfi goes to find her belonging. Lovely’s mother asks Lovely to think again and it is not good. Lovely says i do not want to think anything. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is Going on good track and fans are loving the story.

Lovely says i do not want to go as i forget that tomorrow is a test of Amyra and i cannot leave that. She forces him to go with the family for movie and dinner. Amyra comes, she looks sad. Lovely says you go we will come after the movie is finished and will join you in the dinner. Lovely says fine you go. They leave. Lovely asks her dad to come upstairs as everyone has left.

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Lovely asks Zakhira to take Kulfi back to train. Kulfi says i have not found my pouch yet and i cannot go. Lovely says you have to go now and Kulfi hugs Lovely. Amyra sees that and becomes angry. Amyra asks what are you doing mom, what you were saying to that dirty boy. Lovely asks her to go and learn lyrics. Amyra becomes angry. Roshan Kumar comes before time. Roshan says Amyra is bad singer to his wife. Amyra says Mom loves dirty boy more than me and mom does not care about me. She throws the pen drive and Kulfi catches it. She recognises it and thinks she should return it.

Kulfi goes up and gives that pen drive to Roshan Kumar’s wife. Roshan’s wife asks Kulfi to sing. Lovely becomes scared and asks her to leave. Kulfi says i cannot sing. She says don’t be shy please sing two lines. Lovely says Kulfi is really shy and will not sing. Lovely gives signs to her mother and asks her to take Kulfi

Precap of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi cries as Lovely’s mother locks her in room and Amyra offends


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