Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written updates of 13 June 2018

The last episode starts with the Amyra and Sikander drinking aamras. They both solves the problems and Sikander says i will teach you how to sing. Lovely gets emotional and goes to her mother in law. She asks what happened Lovely why are you crying. Lovely tells her that Sikander has another daughter from Nimrit.

She gasps and becomes shocked. She asks how you know about this. Lovely tells i went to Pathankot and then i came to know. Now today’s episode involved.

Kulfi kumar bajewala, written updates, star plus

Lovely shouts on Sikander’s mother and says why you did not talk to Sikander. She says i am confused and Sikander did wrong but there is no mistake of that child. Lovely says you can never help us. She shouts at Mother of Sikander. Lovely says fine do not do anything and if Sikander will bring that woman or child in this house then i will destroy you all.

Sikander’s mother cries and says what i should do. Mami calls Sikander’s brother and says you have to pay me if you want to meet Kulfi. She says bring 50000 rupees and i will make you meet Kulfi.

Kulfi goes with Amyra and Sikander to park and Kulfi becomes amazed to see how these people are. Sikander says yes they are doing jogging to reduce their fat. Sikander asks both of them to feel air. Kulfi feels. Sikander says can you listen to this voice. Kulfi and Amyra sings.

Kulfi sees a man and she remembers her mama. She starts crying and Sikander sees him. Sikander kisses his forehead and Amyra gets jealous.

Sikander says i will bring ice cream for you. Amyra says stop doing this nonsense and this acting.



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