In the previous episode of Star Plus musical drama TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have seen Mahinder asked Kulfi to perform the Guru Purnima ritual with her new mentor Vikram. Later, she overheard Mahinder and Gunjan’s conversation and got to know the truth of her mother Nimrit’s death. Kulfi learned that Loveleen made her daughter Amyra sick by feeding her something due to which Amyra was about to die. She also got to know that Loveleen rammed Nimrit with her car and killed Kulfi’s mother. The bigger shock for Kulfi was Sikander kept quiet despite knowing everything. Kulfi berated her superstar father upon learning the shocking truth of her mother’s death.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd July 2019 episode, Sikander tries to console Kulfi. Sikander tells Kulfi that when he got to know about the truth, he also met with an emotional breakdown. A shattered Kulfi cries and says that she wants her mother. Kulfi says that everyone is a liar in the house as everyone was aware of the fact that Loveleen killed Nimrit. Sikander asks for forgiveness from Kulfi, but she walks away. Sikander tells Mahinder, Gunjan, and Loveleen that Kulfi is now aware of the truth of Nimrit’s death. Kulfi says while looking at the sky that she has created such a big mess. She regrets on meeting Sikander.

On the other hand, Gunjan says that Loveleen will go to jail now. Loveleen says in response that if she goes to prison, then everyone will be behind bars too as they all hid the truth. Sikander slams them for blaming each other. He suggests that they should go to Kulfi and apologize. Kulfi takes a big step that makes everyone shocked. Sikander, Loveleen, Mahinder, and Gunjan find out that Kulfi is not in her room. Kulfi leaves home. Sikander and Mahinder search for Kulfi on streets while Kulfi walks on the road alone crying and missing her mother.


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