As we seen in the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kulfi is now trying to bring Sikander and Amyra close to each other. She starts thinking about what she should do. She looks at mangoes and says gold. The servant says it is not gold, it is mango. She says no this is similar to gold and i used to go to the field and always ate mangoes with my mama.

A servant tells AMyra likes mangoes a lot too. She gets an idea and makes aamras. Sikander and Amyra come to the dining table and sees aamras. Amyra thinks dad has made this for me to apologize and Sikander thinks Amyra has made it. They both have aamras and starts talking.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, latest episode. written update

Mami asks Bholi to become like Kulfi as she will have money from the stranger. Bholi denies. Stay tuned for more updates


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