Kulfi Kumar Bajewala comes at 8:30 PM on star plus. Kulfi asks Lovely to stand on one leg and Lovely obeys her. Kulfi says okay do not stand now Pyari JI. Lovely asks what is pyari ji. Kulfi says nana told me that your name means pyara so i can call you Pyari ji. Kulfi says i am not going to punish you as i know that this is too hot and it will be painful for everybody and may be you will faint.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala ,Episode Update

Lovely looks at her amazingly. Kulfi tells that she was so in trouble and she fell in a tunnel and there were no lights and no food. I was so scared. She starts crying. Lovely feels sad and touches her face. Kulfi becomes scared. Then she asks her to come home. Lovely takes up the Kulfi and walks. Watchman comes and says Lovely is dirty and why are you carrying her and your clothes will also get dirty. He says first clean her as lift will also get dirty and messy.

She opens up pipe and throws water on her. Song plays and Kulfi laughs. Lovely constantly thinks of Amyra and singing. She has something evil in her mind related to the singing talent of Kulfi. Kulfi and Lovely goes home and then Kulfi dries her up and sings song in a room. Her hair were open. Then Lovely knocks the door. Kulfi panicks. Kulfi asks Lovely if she can help her in finding her pouch.

The dog brings that pouch to Sikander and he thinks what is this. He takes up that but gives it to some servant. He worries about Kulfi but suddenly sees Lovely coming with Kulfi. He becomes happy.


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