In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th November 2018, Tevar dotes on Kulfi. Today’s written update of the serial begins with Kulfi feels very bad to see the Tevar even after not being her dad he spends so much on her and slowly whispers to Sikander and asks him that to talk to Tevar.

Sikander explains to her that you should see the love. He was trying to show the love towards her. Amyrah loves Tevar’s choice and Kulfi loves the choice of Sikander. Because of this they both exchanged the payal and put it on the feet of girls. Lovely was fully in the tears seeing Amyrha and Sikander together. The salesman asks him that they want anything for the mam.

Amyrah replies to her question that yes I want a diamond ring. Lovely said that no I am good. Amyrah asks her mom that did you have to, Kulfi and Tevar both asks Sikander to chose for her. Lovely thinks that god this friendship now my ex-boyfriend and husband listen to each other.

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Amyrah asks Sikander to get on his knees and then he gave the beautiful ring to Lovely. To see this she was Is in tears. Kulfi and Amyrah appreciated. Amyrah pulls to Sikander and Lovely to asks them to dance because of this Tevar feels awkward. Kulfi holds his hand and starts dancing with him. He feels so happy.

Sikander involves Amyrah with them, he sees that Kulfi and Tevar performs an awesome couple dance and joins them with Amyrah.

Precap: Tevar and Tony get into card games, Tony teases and annoys to him.


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