Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is the most anticipated serial of Indian Tv Cinema. We see many ups and downs in the life of Sikander and Kulfi. Kulfi starts crying and says we all love Amyra and we will not let her down. The doctor asks that Sikander has to sign the papers then we will start the operation. Sikander says I cannot. Then Kulfi tells him that we will be fine and you should sign here. Sikander looks at Amyra and starts crying. Kulfi folds her hands and asks him to sign the papers.

In the Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th May 2019 episode, Kulfi asks Amyra to come back and she will be with her always. Kulfi and Amyra cries. They both were lying down in the hospital bed. Kulfi asks why you said that I am nobody to Sikander. Amyra says you were everything to my father. Kulfi sees Sikander in the hospital and then she prays that her father becomes well. The doctor tells that he is now out of danger but treatment is going on and now he has to stay here for more weeks. Lovely cries and asks if she can meet him.

The doctor says that maybe he will not be able to sing now. Then everybody becomes so shocked and the doctor tells them to be patient. Amyra cries and says he taught me how to sing and now he will not be able to sing again. Then Kulfi thinks that this is not possible and I will make him sing again. Everybody starts crying. She looks at the Sikander. Everybody decorates the home and Kulfi takes the pinnis so that she will offer it to Sikander. She thinks that she has to call him father for a time. For more Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written episode, stay tuned with us.


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