The latest episode of Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala begins with Sikander waking up early in the morning. He was going to wake up Kulfi, but Amyra stopped him and called him into her room. She said to him that he can’t go to Kulfi before he meets her. Sikander thought that he will meet Amyra first and then he will wake Kulfi up. Amyra called him dad for which he thanked her. Kulfi woke up and got shocked to see that her father didn’t come to wake her up. She saw Sikander with Amyra and started crying. She ran away from there, Sikander followed her, hugged her and apologised to her.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th July 2019 episode, Sikander asked Kulfi and Amyra to stand together. He told them that he is a father of both of them and that they will start a new from now. He said there will be no fight and that he has to prepare both of them for the launch. Sikander told Kulfi and Amyra that once the music practice is over, both of them will go straight to school and he’ll go to meet Ms. Mia and once he comes back they’ll practise again. Amyra went out of tune during practice and threw a glass of water on Kulfi. She said to Sikander that she and Kulfi cannot become friends through music.

Later, Gunjan told Kulfi that from today onwards, she’ll be the first one to have the offertory. Kulfi said that usually, Amyra is the first one to have it. Gunjan said that Amyra has been used to getting the best and most of everything, but now its Kulfi’s turn and that she’ll be the first priority. Loveleen came there and told Gunjan to not differentiate between children. Gunjan called Amyra an illegitimate child that left Loveleen with tears. Amyra asked Loveleen why Gunjan called her illegitimate child. Loveleen told Amyra the truth about her that left her heartbroken.


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