In the previous episode of Star Plus musical drama TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have seen how Sikander and Loveleen threw a lovely birthday party for Kulfi. Sikander surprised Kulfi on her special day that left Kulfi on cloud nine. Later, Amyra ashamed the cake in Kulfi’s face. In the latest episode of the show, angry and heart-broken Amyra makes an odd statement to Loveleen and Sikander that leaves everyone in a shock. She even calls Sikander a liar and says that he doesn’t love her.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3rd July 2019 episode, Sikander asks Amyra what has he done wrong. Amyra calls everyone a liar and says all of you have lied to me. She says that she knows she is not Sikander’s daughter and that her real father is Tevar. Sikander and the rest of the family get shocked to listen to the truth from Amyra. Sikander tries to calm down Amyra by saying that she’s his life and he cannot lose her. She says that she did everything for Sikander’s love, she changed herself, became a good girl, befriended with Kulfi, learnt singing and she even hurt herself.

Amyra says to Sikander that she is nobody to him and why would he choose her when her biological father Tevar didn’t choose her. She runs away in her room. Dadi says to Sikander’s elder brother Mohindar that what happened today will shake the foundation of their house. She goes on to say that she won’t let Amyra do whatever she wants in the house. She tells Mohindar that ever since she got to know that Amyra is Tevar’s daughter, she had made a decision that to keep one kid happy, she won’t take the happiness of the other kid away. Dadi says that no one will hurt Kulfi in this house. Later, Amyra’s uncontrollable rage causes destruction in her room. What will happen next? How is Amyra going to deal with the biggest truth of her life? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.


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