In the previous episode of Star Plus’ musical drama TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Sikander regained his memory. Kulfi asks Sikander doesn’t he feels that she is his daughter. Sikander, who pretends that he is still unaware of his identity as SSG, says, he does, but he doesn’t believe it. He tells Kulfi to take him her home. Kulfi receives a call from Loveleen. She asks Kulfi to bring Sikander home with her. Loveleen tells Kulfi that she has found evidence against Chandan and that she has informed the police as well. She says that everything will be fine now.

On the other hand, Pakhi and her mother Nandini leave from home to bring home Bhola back from the music school. Pakhi cries while sitting a car and says that she want her father with her. Nandini and Pakhi arrive at the music school where Kulfi confronts them. Kulfi says to Nandini that you lied to Pakhi that he’s her father. She says that if you have lied to Pakhi, then you must have been helpless but I am helpless too. She goes on to say that Bhola is Sikander Singh Gill and that he’s her and Amyra’s father. He also has a family and a home and that all of them are waiting for him. Nandini asks Kulfi to take her father from there.

Pakhi gets emotional and starts crying for Bhola. Nandini meets with an emotional breakdown and hugs Pakhi. She tries to calm down Pakhi. Kulfi brings Sikander home that makes him emotional. Kulfi asks Sikander what happened and if he recollected something. Sikander wipes away his tears and says he’s hungry. Chandan overhears Loveleen’s conversation with Kulfi and threatens her of dire consequences. He kidnaps Amyra and tells Loveleen that he had to capture Amyra because of Loveleen’s betrayal and Sikander’s stubbornness. He goes on to say that he holds Amyra’s life. Chandan threatens Loveleen and tells her to follow her instructions. Later, Loveleen calls the police.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 27th June episode, Amyra’s life is in danger while Sikander and Kulfi reunite. Sikander says to Kulfi that I am your father. He says that he will never leave her. Kulfi asks Sikander why he didn’t tell anyone that he recollected everything. He says in response that Amyra is in danger. He tells Kulfi that Loveleen had signed to him and he understood. Little Amyra is in Chandan’s clutches and that’s why Loveleen didn’t recognize him in front of Chandan, the thief, he adds. How Sikander and Kulfi will manage to save Amyra? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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