In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 26 September, 2018 Kulfi calls Tevar Baba. Kulfi asks to Tevar can she sing with Sikandra, Tevar said if that gives you happiness then I will do this for you. Kulfi said that I will be very happy, Tevar says for your happiness and simple is mine and so you can, kulfi said thank you and hugs him to saw this. Kulfi says let’s go Sikandar sir thinks of a song.

Sikandar hugs Amyra and Kulfi and said thank you come let’s sing and leaves. Tevar is in tears and said at least one look at me Kulfi, she turns around and saw him in tears and thinks why he is in tears when he herself permitted me, kulfi reminds everything he did for her, Kulfi saw Amyra and Sikandar together, Amyra goes hug lovely. Sikandar asks Kulfi to step forward with him. Kulfi and Sikandar get set to sing, Sikandar said remember our song back, this is how we sing, focusing on Tevar.

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Kulfi looks at Sikandar and said I am sorry, please understand me, Sikandar says tell me what’s wrong, Kulfi runs toward Tevar and holds his had very tightly. Kulfi says I wanted to sing but with my Baba, with Tevar sir, there are full tears in the eyes of Sikandar. Tevar smiles to saw the kulfi.

Kulfi asks to her baba to sing with her. Tevar kisses her and he is very happy to see this. Sikandar got very angry and leaves. Tevar said to Kulfi that to sing the song whatever she wants to sing he said that he will join to her song. Sikandar remembers signing that this song with kulfi, Tevar raps on Kulfi song. Sikandar begins making calls.

Tevar and Kulfi walk towards Sikandar. Kulfi said to Sikandra that you once said I have to feel it right.tevra said to Sikandar my daughter has accepted me as ger dada and tomorrow on Visarjan get any proof that you wanted to choose me.


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