Kulfi kumar bajewala 26 June 2018 Episode updates

Kulfi kumar bajewala, written episode

Kulfi kumar bajewala is the episode starts from the scene where Kulfi cries that she is not able to find her dad. Sikander says that he will tell RK that Kulfi sang that day. Amyra becomes so sad and she says i am not going to talk to you anymore. Lovely says that please Sikander you cannot do like this and i am not going to let you do this as Amyra will be heartbroken.

kulfi kumar bajewala, written episode

Then Sikander says no. Lovely says please think about Amyra. Then his mother comes and says Sikander do not do this as this will ruin your family. Sikander says fine. Lovely goes to her father’s house and says she has convinced Sikander very badly and he was about to tell everything. Her father gets angry and says he will destroy Sikander and will ruin his attitude. Lovely says no. He says i can keep my daughter and granddaughter with me and i am capable enough. Lovely says he is my husband and i have to live with him. He says you should not talk like typical indian women and please leave him.

Kulfi thinks she has to find her father.

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