The latest episode of Star Plus musical drama show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala begins with Kulfi looking for Sikandar in the music school. She asks Abhay and his friends where they kept Bhola. Abhay tells her that they don’t know where Bhola is as he didn’t come to meet them. Kulfi gets tensed thinking where Bhola is. Shanti takes Bhola near the well. She tells him that it is a magical well and asks her to stand on that well and make a wish. He stands on it and prays to God to meet her daughter while Kulfi searches for him in the music camp.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th June 2019 episode, Shanti thinks in her head that she has never killed anyone so easily and that nobody will even get a clue about Bhola if he falls down that well. Shanti comes close to Bhola to push him into the well to kill him. On the other hand, Chandan snatches Loveleen’s phone from her hand while she was pretending to record her video. Loveleen says she has nothing to hide. Chandan keeps her phone with him and tells him how he got an idea to live a life of Sikander Singh Gill. Loveleen had already placed a voice recorder under the table on which the two of them were having drinks together. Chandan asks Loveleen if there is anything else she wants to know.

Pakhi cries in front of her mother, Nandini. She says that she wants her father, Bhola. Nandini tries to make her understand that she can’t meet him just yet. Pakhi says that she doesn’t feel good without Bhola. She goes on to say that she cannot live without him. Shanti pushes Bhola into the well, but Kulfi arrives there at the right time and pushes away Shanti and hold the hand of Bhola. Bhola gets so scared and tells Kulfi not to leave his hand as if she leaves his hand, he will die by falling down into the well. Kulfi sings a song in which she narrates her and Sikander’s story throughout. Sikandar regains his memory and screams Kulfi’s name. Kulfi manages to save him from falling down into the well.

Sikander hugs Kulfi, and just then Shanti hits him on his head with a wooden stick. Kulfi tries to stop her and shares her story with her. Shanti tells her that she got paid to kill Sikander. Brave Kulfi manages to melt Shanti’s heart. Shanti tells Kulfi that she is just a small part of a great game. She goes on to say that Chandan is deceiving everyone by disguising himself as Sikander Singh Gill and staying at his house. She says that she will spare them two, but Chandan won’t spare anyone. She tells Kulfi that Chandan has even gained Amyra’s trust. Loveleen manages to take her phone back from Chandan while he was sleeping. Sikander and Kulfi return to music school, where both cry while looking at each other. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Star Plus TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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